Salt Water Lantern







Using only sea water or spoonfuls of salt added to water, the ingredients work alongside oxygen in the air and four aluminium plates to create positive and negative electrodes, which in turn generates electricity.
Alternatively seawater can be used . It requires no batteries or fuel to produce power for lighting and recharging of USB devices.
The Salt Water lantern generates about 350 lumens of illumination… as long as there is oxygen!
  • Electricity: 25-30Ah
  • Output: 5V voltage, 1-2A current, USB interface
  • Running Time: 3.5 hours per cycle
  • Power supply: Chemical energy conversion
  • Light source type: LED
  • Applicable for: Camping, fishing, emergencies etc
  • Product weight: 700g
  • Power: 240wH per serving of salt water
  • Size: 20H x 9.3W x 9.3Dcm
  • Capacity (4 aluminium sheets): 52500mAh
  • Package Size: 29H x 15W x 15Dcm
  • Package Weight: 1.0kg
  • In the box: Salt Water lantern, aluminium sheets, salt, spoon and instructions


Instruction Sheet



260H x 174W x 66Dmm



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